Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tisa Parilla - Chicken Inasal.
location: 45 Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights (Commonwealth) QC

For that Authentic Inasal and other Ilonggo specialties..... Al fresco set-up..... Poker groups welcome..... SMB Light - P28 / SMB Pale P26 / Red Horse P30..... Open daily from 11am to 2am

one fine saturday...THE DELAYED EDITION because of stephanie!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

As early as Wednesday (August 6), a very good fella way way back college days sent me an invitation tru sms for the 1st birthday of his third kiddo. I holler back to say my confirmation to be there that day since I was thinking that other fellas would be there and it would be a great idea to see those guys again after a long while.

So I was there starting to text some of my friends if they would be coming on Saturday, some says yes..some were not. Alright so whatever happens..ill go. Then here comes Saturday, while weather is not exactly doin fine..arggh..

Confirmed people whose coming were steph, pogs, popo. So paps and I were texting where are we goin to meet since pogs and popo will surely be arriving together. At 1pm paps and I met and went straightly to ryan’s crib. We were hesitant to get in the house since the lunch party have started and everyone else was there enjoying their meals..just imagine the feelin of everyone else were on eyes towards you..duh huwaaat?!! We went ahead and ryan was there striking that so exclusive sarcastic smile..hahahah..so we started talking a lot like college days..ryan F.Y.I is one of the loudest person in our group and he was all the same…nothing changes…earsplitting guy..weeee!

After few minutes popo arrived with someone we don’t know..co-worker from AMA and he even made joke like: “guys si…….. boyfriend ko..nag iba nako ng gusto..lalaki na gusto ko ngayon.”..and we were laughin to death..hahahah nice try popo. We were lookin for pogs but after we knew it..here comes pogs..with his PAJENG (pajero..naks!). ryan+popo+pogs+me?..hahahaha brace yourself! We were starting to do what weve been doin way back college..to put paps to the center of the conversation..and no worries abt paps since this gurl have been used to it so it was a outrageous and foolish conversation! We miss others..we miss boni, mike, elver, gen, mari, erwin during time like these..it could’ve have been better if the group were complete..sighs..

So ryan invited us to eat the prepared lunch together of course with his wife..mareng Winnie who’s been so good ever. Foods were great and while eating ryan introduced us to his family..which for the first time we met his family..his mom, dad and sisters. And nice to see again those two kiddos whom I think have grown with us ..MARWIn and KYLA..theyve really grown…grown BIG. Time runs soooo fast..really fast..i just remember this 2kids makin “kulit” with us few years back..specially MARWIN whose been close to me..i remember this kid whose always with me while we were in a beach party with the hek hek because he wanted me to convince his dad to allow him to go for swimming in the beach..hahaha..and look at ‘em now..wow! and who could ever forget the “lolo” of mareng Winnie with “masasakit na tingin”? hahahaha.

While eating, I was wondering what the French fried, hotdogs carts were doin on ryan’s crib..i thought they have ventured to other business but to my greatest surpise..it was all part of the kiddie party which will be held at 3pm..wow..kiddie party?hahahah…youre kiddin me! We were not bein informed that there would be a kiddie party after because weve been used to same scenario that if its from ryan’s house..it would be surely “inuman” thing. Yes beers were offered by ryan while we were eating. “Hindi nakisama ang panahon dahil lumakas ng lumakas pa ang ulan!!” so how about the kiddie party then? There’s another problem to ryan’s head because the cake have not been picked up because it pretty huge cake that his car couldn’t occupy. So ryan asked favor from pogs to use his PAJENG since it bigger car that can be used to pick it up. They both went to cake parlor to pick the cake up while the 4 of us continues to have chitchat.

We were starting to take pictures from paps’ cam..we were like stupids playing around with the cam until the two arrived. Darn..what the huge cake all about?naman! anlaking cake!hahahaha..parang may debut! These guys really prepared for this..whoaaa!

So after eating the family started to prepare the venue..they were arranging tables and stuffs like that while we were too busy talking with eachother. Until finally the new kiddo went out to meet us..haaays whatta adorable kid! Believe me..so so cute kiddo! Paps was starting to take pictures of him..see the photos. Visitors started to arrive…kids..parents mnagsisidatingan na..and the venue was bein arranged by party coordinator..clowns, parlor games were bein prepared as well while we were still busy buzzing around and cam whoring. Parents of the celebrator get fixed as well. Members of the family was also bein there: jingle and hubby, apple was there and everyone was there like a usual reunion.

Tha party started at 4pm and kiddos were really enjoying abt the clowns and the parlor games bein prepared while we were outside the gate watching over the party and fooling with each other. Nothin changes as if everyone else is around with us..para pa din kameng colleges buddies na nag-aasaran..thats one good thing about this group..although we seldom see each other but if theres a chance for us to gather..we make sure to catch up and spend the best out from it. We were talking abt the family of ryan like “palakihan ang katawan sa pamilya ni ryan”..hahaha from ryan to Winnie to kids and othe members of the family..parang naglalakihan na talga silang lahat…di uso ang diet sa kanila..well we cant blame them since they really cooked well..the always serve good foods as always.

At 6pm th kiddie party isn’t over yet and paps needs to go home in LUNA while the other guys has their own reason to leave the place..as well as I do. We deiced to look for ryan to bid goodbye since we don’t want the family to spoil the party and the moments for them to spend time with eachother since ryan’s family I guess came from manila. Ryan didn’t wanted us to go because he was convincing us to drink after the kidddie party but he was left no choice because we gave him a good excuse. So before we left we made pictorials as usual..funny pictorials.hehehe.

Thanks ryan for the chance to see some of the hek hek again..i know you made an effort to gather some of us again.mizz the ol’ days. Am still keeping my fingers cross that someday hekhek guys would gather finally. I had a great time with you guys.Ryan;s parents specially his dad was soooo good..very accommodating..he made us feel like a meber of the family..one coold dad!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

fav song for the moment

someone gave me this song and i just really love it.



You call me up, in tears again
I come over
Your only friend
Put my arms around you
To stop this lonely night
You ask me to stay
I don't think it's right

When you tell me you're in love with him
Don't you know that really caves me in
And i'm not that strong

Someone should tell you
How much i love you
Cos i really do
Wish i could hold you
The way that i want to
Cos no one, can love you, like i do

You're everything, that i ever dreamed
You're the only one
The only one for me
So we talk all night
But in my head
Three little words, that i never said

You say you don't know what you'd do without me
Don't you know that this is killing me
And i'm not that strong


When you tell me you're in love with him
Don't you know that really caves me in
And i'm not that strong
No i'm not that stron

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

apple iphone

weeeeeeeeeeee!read: i want this phone!lol

wish list#2